The World is Not Enough for Crazy Western Warmongers… NATO Launches Biggest-Ever War Drills in Atlantic AND Pacific, a Strategic Culture Editorial

Sooner or later NATO and the U.S. government are going to get the war they’ve been so desperately trying to provoke. A Strategic Culture editorial from

The manic Western warmongering instinct is still viral and a potentially catastrophic danger.

In line with its fateful imperial implosion, the United States-led military machine known as NATO is desperately cranking up on all cylinders – in order to incite war tensions in both of the world’s hemispheres.

The global picture is at once condemnable and outrageous, and yet consumers of Western corporate media are numbed with lies, sophistry, distractions and blandishments.

Check out, for a laugh, this video of Canadian parliamentarians posing as concerned democrats by parading around in pink high heels. Seriously, is that their biggest concern? And as usual, the media follow suit making sure the Western public is saturated with such trivia.

In the coming weeks and months, the Cold War-era North Atlantic Treaty Organization is conducting its biggest-ever war maneuvers not only in its usual transatlantic domain but also in the Asia-Pacific.

The war maneuvers in Europe are reportedly the biggest ever since NATO was formed in 1949 following the defeat of Nazi Germany. So too are the war drills in Asia-Pacific. Together, they confirm that China is in NATO’s cross-hairs along with Russia.

But this provocative maneuvering – let’s just call it what is: aggression – is somehow normalized by Western corporate media.

At a time too when the Western public is being brutally crushed by dictatorial economic austerity, as our interview discusses this week.

Indeed, Western news media have become an utter embarrassment and affront to ordinary public intelligence and decency. Self-proclaimed bastions of journalism and public information, such as the New York Times and the BBC, are masters in the use of syrupy syntax to cover up the U.S.-led global war mobilization as “defensive exercises” when in reality it should be plain for most people to see that the nefarious purpose is to inflame tensions and assault global peace and security.

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