How Do We “Stop the Spread”? By Eric Peters

You stop the spread by never giving an inch on basic principles. From Eric Peters at

Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci have assured us another “pandemic” is coming. Rest assured, it is. It will be brought to us by people like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci – and other people like them, who profit from sickness and enjoy spreading it.

Especially mental illness – the pathological dread of sickness.

The question we probably ought to be asking ourselves right now is – how to stop the spread?

The last time there was a pandemic – of hypochondria – and too many of us helped spread it. By going along with it. We played our parts in the Sickness Kabuki, putting on “masks” and standing away from other people – when we were allowed anywhere near them. This made it look as if there were a pandemic about. That, in turn, made it easy for the people hyping it to elaborate it. If “masks” are necessary then – implicitly – so are vaccines. Just the same as the “necessity” of mandating seat belts in cars back in the mid-1960s made mandating air bags “necessary” in the ’90s.

One thing does lead to another.

This truth has been mocked over the years for the same reason that truths about what really happened – as in Dallas in 1963 – have been mocked as “conspiracy” theories. It is a well-known tactic of falsehood spreaders to mock what is true (factually as well as logically) so  as to make it appear preposterous.

Also the person who sounds the alarm.

Three years ago, if you’d told people that by putting on a “mask” you have granted that “masking” is necessary – and if you have granted that, then you have already granted that rolling up your sleeve is also necessary – many would have scoffed, called you an over-reactor.

“It’s just a mask,” some of them said. Many of you will recall.

Except it wasn’t just that. It is never just that. The creepy-crawly advance of government-corporate invasions/usurpations/degradations never halts. The point – from the point-of-view of the government-corporate nexus – is to always advance.

Just one step at a time. So that people don’t notice where they’re being led.

And that is why it is so vital to call a halt. Not one inch farther. Zero compromise when it comes to our rights – and more to the point, what is wrong.

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