Notes On Our Digital Gulag, by Good Citizen

Twitter under Elon Musk is limited hangout damage control. From Good Citizen at

Preparing Elon Machina V.4.17 for dispatch.

Elon! Elon! He’s our fren. If he can’t save us, no one can!

— Chant of the Conternative Normie Brigades of Pillow Discounters (2022)

By now the National Enquirer has hit your local inbox newsstand with the hottest tales about Twitter declaring war on Substack.

The basic facts:

  • Three days ago I noticed that Tweets could no longer be embedded into a new post here without getting a popup message that should have read Error: Free Speech Absolutist Elon Forbids This Action
  • I was going to do a post about it but kept to my Year Zoo resolution of not rushing to “be first” on the latest hot gossip until at least a few facts trickled out
  • The day before Twitter blocked access to their API for Substack, the latter had announced the (Private Beta) launch of their Twitter copy called NOTES. Elon Machina V.4.17 didn’t like that. (more on notes at the end)
  • Then yesterday he erased Substack from Twitter. Well, not entirely, but you can’t retweet Substack posts and when Substack was trending on Twitter at #3 it magically disappeared.
  • Steve Kirsch and Jordan Schachtel who have hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers had their Tweets mentioning Substack get throttled to Turtle speeds, or shadowbanned.

How does the censorship sauce still work behind the scenes at centralized controlled Twitter HQ still filled with former CIA spooks and FBI agents?

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