What Julian Assange Was Really Doing, by Paul Rosenberg

Julian Assange was inducing paranoia in the ruling class. From Paul Rosenberg at freemansperspective.com:

Julian Assange sits in an English prison cell, as he has for some years. He got there on trumped-up charges and remains there because he hurt the plans of powerful people.

We must not forget about Julian. And so I am re-posting this article from some years ago, with just a bit of editing. It explains what Julian and his friends were really doing, which is probably not what you thought.

A lot of people know the what about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks – that they publish secret information – but they don’t know the why. And that’s unfortunate, because the thinking behind all the leaks is both brilliant and illuminating.

It Began With The Cypherpunks

WikiLeaks, like Bitcoin, came from the cypherpunks. In particular, WikiLeaks was spawned by a cypherpunk group that formed spontaneously in Melbourne, Australia.

In other words, WikiLeaks is the creation of some smart guys who were inspired by Timothy C. May, Eric Hughes, Murray Rothbard, and a few others. Assange was part of this group and an intriguing thinker in his own right.

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