Doug Casey on the US Government Declaring War on Mexican Drug Cartels

It’s a really, really bad idea. From Doug Casey at

Mexican Drug Cartels

International Man: There has been a recent push by some US politicians of the neocon variety to use the US military against Mexican drug cartels.

Senator Lindsay Graham has proposed designating them as “terrorist organizations.”

Representative Dan Crenshaw introduced an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) to target drug cartels inside Mexico.

What’s your take on this?

Doug Casey: That’s just what the US needs: another war, and this one on the border.

The people who back the use of military force in Mexico can only be described as thoughtless warmongers with no grasp of either ethics or history. If the war against organizations like the Taliban in Afghanistan was a world-class disaster, would an invasion work out better in Mexico, which has three times the population of Afghanistan, is much richer and much better organized? And they’re right on the border, which is really asking for trouble.

The solution to the drug cartel problem is to legalize all drugs. The fact is that anybody who wants drugs today can get them easily, even if they’re in high-security prisons. From a practical point of view, making drugs illegal doesn’t work. All it does is greatly increase the price of the drugs in the US and create huge profit margins to import them. Even if you destroyed every cartel in Mexico, people that want drugs will still want them. As long as drugs are illegal, their prices will remain high and new cartels will arise.

But despite the relaxation of penalties on cannabis, it’s highly unlikely drugs will be legalized. The DEA, one of the most corrupt Federal agencies, is a permanent lobby to keep them illegal. And there’s way, way too much money in keeping them illegal.

The only solution is to learn a lesson from Prohibition in the 1930s. When they illegalized alcohol in the 1920s, it created the profits that allowed the Mafia to grow. It certainly didn’t cut down the amount of drinking; it just increased the amount of crime. Similarly, the insane War on Drugs is responsible for the success of the cartels.

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One response to “Doug Casey on the US Government Declaring War on Mexican Drug Cartels

  1. Government Velveeta Czar

    You can almost hear the laughter south of the non-existent border.
    Look for the cartels to become even more powerful and if any got where they are thanks to the cartels, a deal with the devil will come due.


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