Maverick vs. Lightning . . . vs. Edsel, by Eric Peters

Ford’s F-150 electric truck, the Lightning, isn’t striking very many fancies. In fact, it’s sales make the Edsel and the Pinto look like runaway bestsellers. From Eric Peters at

If you went by what you hear and read as presented by the “media” (in air fingers quotes to emphasize we are not speaking of journalists) about which vehicles are selling – and which ones aren’t – you might think electric vehicles were all the rage.

Well, here are some facts.

Ford sold 74,370 copies of its Maverick pick-up last year, its first full year on the market. You may not even know Ford sells a little truck called Maverick. Nor that it gets 40 miles-per-gallon and has a base price of $22,195 – two facts that probably explain why this little pick-up sells faster than Ford can stamp them out (literally; many desirous of buying one have had to wait months for one).

Last year, Ford sold 15,617 copies of its electric Lightning pickup – out of 643,927 F-trucks, the rest of which aren’t electric.

Yet the Lightning got almost as much media attention as “the cases! the cases!” – and for similar reasons. That being what the “media” are paid to hype – and not.

Tucker Carlson lost his job for pointing this out, among other things. In other words, he practiced journalism. As opposed to most of the rest of them, who aren’t journalists and ought to have “brought to you by Pfizer” (and the WEF) tattooed on their foreheads. Their job is sales, basically. The product – or ideology – doesn’t matter. What does matter is who’s paying them to give you the pitch.

As opposed to the coverage.

Journalists were once trained to supply the latter, being (once upon a time) in the information gathering and disseminating business. Straight-up news gave you the information – so as to inform (rather than mislead) you about what was happening or happened.

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