Scientists Say Meat Is Crucial To The Human Diet – Warn Against Vegan ‘Zealotry’, by Tyler Durden

Humans with a full set of teeth have four teeth called canines, which look like fangs. They are designed to tear into meat. That suggests that maybe isn’t the dietary abomination vegans make it out to be. From Tyler Durden at

Dozens of experts were asked to look into the science behind claims that meat eating causes disease and is harmful for the planet in a special issue of a journal called Animal Frontiers.  They have warned against a widespread societal push towards plant-based diets, arguing that poorer communities with low meat intake often suffer from stunting, wasting and anemia driven by a lack of vital nutrients and protein.

Thousands of scientists across the globe have also joined The Dublin Declaration, a group stating that livestock farming is too important to society to “become the victim of zealotry.”  They say that many of the negative claims about meat in our diet are simply not true. 

The Dublin Declaration group has published a statement allowing global signatories to join them in defending meat supported diets and contradicting common claims made by establishment institutions against livestock in agriculture. In particular, the scientists stress that meats provide vitamin B12 intake in human diets, play a major role in supplying retinol, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals such as iron and zinc, as well as important compounds for metabolism, such as taurine and creatine.  There is no vegan equivalent that fills these nutritional needs and a number of supplements are often required to keep them healthy. 

Scientists note that only well resourced (wealthier) people have the means to abandon meat in their diets and consume vegetables and carbs alone.  In other words, veganism is a first world ideology that is impractical for the majority of the global population.  Even India, a developing nation often cited by anti-meat activists for its religious stance against killing animals, still has a 70% meat eating population

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