The New Ugly Americans, by Victor Davis Hanson

Imperialism has always been widely practiced; it’s what governments do to the foreign countries they can dominate. However, its practitioners at least had the decency to be hypocritical about it. Now the U.S foreign policy establishment expects other countries to conform to its dictates, many of them in turn dictated by domestic U.S. politics, with no questions asked. From Victor Davis Hanson at

How odd that those on the Left who in the past decried “American imperialism” are now proving the greatest imperialists of all.

The old cultural imperialism was supposedly greedy corporatism like Disneyland, McDonald’s, and Starbucks sprouting up worldwide to supplant local competitors. 

But these businesses spread because they appealed to free-will consumer demand abroad. They were not imposed top down. 

The U.S. presence in Afghanistan collapsed in August 2021 amid the greatest American military humiliation in modern history. A billion-dollar new embassy was abandoned. Hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of new infrastructure at the huge Bagram Airbase was dumped. 

We still do not know how many billions of dollars of sophisticated new weapons were left to the Taliban and now are making their way through global terrorists’ marts. 

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One response to “The New Ugly Americans, by Victor Davis Hanson

  1. Sun von Rommel

    Flying the rainbow flag in those lands is some faculty lounge brilliance.
    They did make sure to remove the flag after leaving behind enough weapons to supply an army or two.
    Barry got a kick out of that humiliation as he sparked up another joint.


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