“No Ties to You”: MSNBC Host Spins Possible Hunter Biden Charges In Rare Interview With President, by Jonathan Turley

The mainstream media isn’t really the press, it’s a PR arm of the Democratic party. It’s daunting mission now: somehow keep Joe Biden separate from his son’s corruption. From Jonathan Turley at jonathanturley.com:

Last night, President Joe Biden did what is a relatively rare thing. He sat down with an actual reporter ostensibly to answer questions. While earlier promising a “major press conference” for the media as a whole to ask him questions, Biden instead did a low-risk interview with MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle. In the interview, Ruhle briefly touched on the possible criminal charges awaiting Hunter Biden. Despite reports of a whistleblower alleging a bribery scandal involving the President, Ruhle assured the President (and the viewers) that the still unknown charges will involve “no ties to you.” Moreover, the interview is most interesting for what it did not address. It was a vivid example of what I previously called “the art of scandal implosion.”

During the interview, Ruhle asked “Sir, there is something personal that’s affecting you. Your son — while there [are] no ties to you — could be charged by your Department of Justice. How will that impact your presidency?”

Biden answered, “First of all, my son’s done nothing wrong. I trust him. I have faith in him. And it impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him.”

Note the framing: it is a “personal” not a “criminal” matter for the President that involves only his son. We still do not know what the charges might be, though there have been steady leaks indicating that the Delaware U.S. Attorney is focusing on tax and gun charges.

Yet, there are mounting allegations over the President’s involvement in his son’s influence peddling and recent allegations of potential criminal conduct by the President. It would seem worthy of some inquiry or curiosity.

This framing is only possible because the Justice Department and the media have worked tirelessly to avoid ties between Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings and the President. While influence peddling may not be a crime in itself, it often involves crimes to cover up the schemes from tax violations to false statements to unlawful financial transfers.

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One response to ““No Ties to You”: MSNBC Host Spins Possible Hunter Biden Charges In Rare Interview With President, by Jonathan Turley

  1. A Love Of Rhetorical

    They got their Chairman Mao/CCCP wishlist and now Beijing Brandon and his hideous Star Wars cantina scene band of grifters are no useful to the cause of the Long March to the global soviet?
    External enemies are loving and nature abhors a vacuum.


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