Descent Into Débâcle: Pyrrhic Victories, Lies and Strategic Miscalculations, by Alastair Crooke

The notion that the U.S. can take on both China and Russia is suicidal and delusional. From Alastair Crooke at

China and Russia are joining hands militarily. This will portend a strategic paradigm change that may force a U.S. re-consideration of the way ahead.

The sense that things are bad, and getting worse, is palpable. There is an undeniable eschatological tint to today’s zeitgeist. Spiralling geo-political factors all suggest extreme turbulence ahead.

Biden and the Democrats discover – to their surprise – that they are in a ‘bind’: Having thought to run in 2024 on ‘the Biden economic record’, Biden’s Team finds prospects dissolving in the face of accelerating events.

And Ukraine – which was to be precursor to the toppling of Russia per se – looks more likely to descend into débâcle. With defeat on two fronts (the financial ‘war’ and diplomatic) already established, and with the Ukrainian entity now incrementally atrophying under Russian military attrition on yet another front, Washington frets whether or not to run a Ukrainian offensive at all – fearing it might seal a Ukrainian catastrophe.

Kiev hears Washington’s equivocation on the likely outcome of the Ukrainian offensive; Kiev understands too that this could mean ‘curtains’ for the Zelensky ‘project’ – were Biden to decide that it is time to draw a line under it, and to complete the pivot to China. It would mean literally ‘the end’ for most of the Kiev leadership.

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One response to “Descent Into Débâcle: Pyrrhic Victories, Lies and Strategic Miscalculations, by Alastair Crooke

  1. Loves Me Some Innernets

    Saw a great comment:

    CPUSA (D)=Bolsheviks
    Grand Old Politburo (R)=Trotskyites
    But where are the Mensheviks? (honk!)
    External enemies can see the self-inflicted weakness and humiliation, and they are very patient.
    With the zero attention span of the former republic, this should end well…for the externals.


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