Biden Family Tried To Hide Over $10 Million In Foreign Payments: House GOP, by Tyler Durden

Do the Republicans finally have the goods on Joe Biden? The whole family has committed so many crimes that presumably even a Republican could make a case, but we’ll see. The Republicans have made huge mistakes and omissions on Democratic criminality before. How many Democrats that should be in prison aren’t? From Tyler Durden at

Summary: House Republicans laid out evidence of a vast network of Biden family dealings which reek of corruption – including;

  • The Biden family received, and tried to hide, over $10 million in payments from foreign nationals
  • A previously undisclosed $1 million in Romanian-linked payments
  • Ties to Romanian ‘influence peddling’
  • A ‘web’ of 20 LLCs created while Joe Biden was Vice President with a ‘complicated corporate structure’
  • ‘At least 15’ of the LLCs were formed after Biden became VP in 2009 – several of which were owned or co-owned by Hunter
  • These LLCs accepted payments ranging from $5,000 to $3 million
  • The committee wants to know what legitimate business the Biden family was in

“Biden family members and business associates created a web of over 20 companies—most were limited liability companies formed during Joe Biden’s vice presidency,” reads a memorandum. “Bank records show the Biden family, their business associates, and their companies received over $10 million from foreign nationals’ companies. The Committee has identified payments to Biden family members from foreign companies while Joe Biden served as Vice President and after he left public office.?

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One response to “Biden Family Tried To Hide Over $10 Million In Foreign Payments: House GOP, by Tyler Durden

  1. Rocket J Squirrel

    What a Kayfabe by the Grand Old Politburo.
    The internationalist wish list must be about full and Joe Joe the Clown has reached the end of the line for useful idiot status.

    “Liberals are such useful idiots.”

    Vladimir Lenin


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