They Hit the Pause Button and the Music Stopped, by Jeffrey Tucker

Our rulers would like to be able to turn our reactions on and off, but it’s not going to happen. From Jeffrey Tucker at

society pause

In the great search for metaphors to justify the largest-scale violations of human rights in our lifetimes, the disease managers finally hit on the term “pause button.” We were merely pressing it for a while to get our bearings, un-overload hospitals, gather personal protective equipment, flatten the curve, and generally figure out what to do in the presence of a new virus. 

They had to pause you so that they could figure it out. 

Here is a typical headline, this one from the Los Angeles Times:

San Diego State hits pause button as COVID-19 cases grow

We all know what a pause button is in real life. The music is playing and then it is not. But you can press the button again and the music will play. Society, then, in all its unfathomable complexity, was rendered as a song on Spotify playing on a machine over which our masters in public health held the controls. It was like a smartphone: push and release. No big deal. 

Well, it did turn out as a pause, not for 15 days, or even 30, but all the way for three years. The pause button jammed. 

The pause button pertained not just to earth but heaven too. Three years ago, during Lent, Christians could not go to their parishes to confess their sins as they had for 2,000 years in preparation for Easter. The most important Eucharistic services of the year – during which time the faithful receive grace from a host with real presence of God – were flat-out canceled, as were the other sacraments. 

One supposes that they assume God too is under their control. 

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