Ukraine’s Future Lies in the Great Reset, by Stavroula Pabst

Think of Ukraine as the beta version of the Great Reset. From Stavroula Pabst at

Elite plans for digital ID, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and a “Green” post-war economy proliferate in Ukraine as conflict rages, manifesting in Ukraine’s Diia app, the e-hryvnia, a corporate takeover of Ukraine’s war efforts and prospective reconstruction, and other efforts that signal a Fourth Industrial Revolution roll-out. Outlining these efforts and who’s behind them, Stavroula Pabst argues that Ukraine’s cannon-fodder status before and during NATO’s proxy war makes it an ideal testing ground for the Great Reset.

“Ukraine 2030 — the freest and most digital country in the world. Without bureaucracy, but with strong tech industry. Cashless & paperless. This is the future we are building.” – Mykhailo Fedorov

These were the words of Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov, who posted a glossy video showcasing Ukraine’s sci-fi-esque future to Twitter. The video boasts of Ukraine’s plans (after its victory over Russia, of course!) to become the “freest and most convenient country in the next 10 years.” 

In this theoretical scenario, Ukraine is “the first country to abandon paper money,” tele-health and tele-education programs abound, courts’ decisions are guided by artificial intelligence, and cities can even defend themselves with an “ultra-modern iron dome.”

But the juxtaposition between the video’s boasts and Ukraine’s dire reality on the ground grows more uncanny by the day.November 2022 reports quietly admitted that roughly 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed or wounded in action, and apparently leaked documents from April 2023 exposed Ukraine’s especially weak wartime positioning, where Ukrainian casualties outnumber those of the Russians four to one. Meanwhile, complaints of low ammunition — with Ukraine running through ammo faster than the US and NATO can replace it — run amok, and in Bakhmut’s “meat-grinder,” the estimated lifespan of Ukrainian soldiers in battle was reported as being a grim four hours in late February. Meanwhile, millions of Ukrainians have fled home as sky-high inflation rates and energy prices have slashed living standards in Europe and internationally. 

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One response to “Ukraine’s Future Lies in the Great Reset, by Stavroula Pabst

  1. Potemkin Green Screen

    All of this in a hot war zone?
    Peak Stupidity is going to do us all in.
    What about VIP’s flying in and out like it’s a holiday spot?


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