censorship is the last bastion of those without an argument, by el gato malo

You can always tell you’ve won an argument when the other side tells you to shut up. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

“know what a king fears by that which he will not allow his subjects to speak aloud…”

so what does the king fear today?

seemingly everything.

and they want once more to sell you a lack of liberty as safety.

but its not truly your safety they care about.

it is their own.

consider this censorious shillery masquarading as an online safety bill in the UK.

it’s the usual suspects saying the usual things: you cannot be allowed to debate us. you must take our word as truth and stop arguing, cuz “safety.”

we lost the debate last time so we must be sure there is no debate next time.

it’s epidemic everywhere. these fonts of fallacy and bastions of bad advice would like to keep their monopoly on speech because they know full well that a free market has no place for them.

the ejaculatory histrionics of misframing from former news potato brian stelter really say it all, don’t they?

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