Corporate Media’s Extinction Event, by Mark E. Jeftovic

The mainstream media destroyed itself peddling Covid propaganda. From Mark E. Jeftovic at

MSM went “all-in” on a discredited COVID narrative.

Since the pandemic I’ve been saying that confidence in the mainstream, corporate press has been irreparably damaged. After four years of non-stop Trump Derangement Syndrome so intense that even some liberals were wondering if the press had gone overboard on editorializing – Covid hit, and a lot of normies now see the MSM for what it really is: agitprop and brainwashing.

Cancel culture and censorship reached such absurd levels that we started to see an exodus of high profile reporters (Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, et al) exiting corporate news outlets and setting up on their own, after they committed the sin of colouring outside the lines of establishment precepts (Taibbi and Greenwald having been arguably left-wing commentators, have now been designated “far right extremists”).

The MSM went all-in in Covid, but every core tenet of the Covid narrative has since fallen apart:

  • This thing came out of a lab
  • Ecohealth and Fauci are up to their asses in it
  • The lockdowns did more damage than anything else, and
  • Everybody was forced to take a vaccine that not only doesn’t work but also seems to be the common denominator in an excess fatality rate that exceeds the pandemic itself.

Not good.

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One response to “Corporate Media’s Extinction Event, by Mark E. Jeftovic

  1. There will always be a dullard out there to drool over some fresh fruit for rotting vegetables (h/t-DK) report or the who’s humping who in Hollywood folderol.
    Too many boat anchors sinks the ship.
    Once the 24-7 cycle started in the late 80’s you knew it was going to go full Goebbels.


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