censored social media makes for terrible brand decisions, by el gato malo

When social media only allows certain voices to be heard and businesses make decisions based on what they think is popular opinion on social media, they can end up pitching a crowd that’s not really a crowd and losing their customer base. Serves ’em right. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

corporate amercia needs to abandon the bad maps of the wokester world. for its own good.

file photo: society for cat cartography

consider an intriguing possibility:

when you curate and censor social media, it renders it useless to discern actual consumer sentiment or behavior because small vocal minorities dominate discussion.

the whole point of censorship is, after all, to make discussion non-representative.

the whole point of “boost and suppress” is to make an outcome other than the real one emerge.

i am your market segment! i am the ONLY market segment!

so what then happens to companies who mistake this manipulated substrate for reality?

you get a pretty bad map.

what happens when they decide “hey, the kids online love this it’s gonna be a smash hit!” and “this got 9 gajillion likes, we’re onto a winner!”?


past a certain point of discourse distortion, that which “tests well” online is actually a recipe for disaster.

the very fact that it does proves it’s wrong because the test was deliberately broken.

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