CNN Host Sues Trump For Assault And Defamation After Town Hall

From The Babylon Bee:

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GOFFSTOWN, NH — A visibly shaken Kaitlan Collins announced she will be suing Trump for assault and defamation after being destroyed by the former President on national television last night.

“He said things I didn’t agree with. Even worse, he said things I didn’t like,” said Collins in a statement. “It was the most traumatizing experience of my life. It was assault, plain and simple. And defamation. I’m suing Trump for $5 million like that other lady.”

Sources also reported Trump called the CNN host a “nasty person,” which trusted fact-checkers have determined was false.

Media experts applauded the announcement and were all in agreement that Trump’s performance in the town hall was the most horrifying spectacle ever televised. “I am literally shaking right now,” said CNN Host Jake Tapper. “The lies, the misinformation, the pure evil of that monstrous orange man is too much for my soul to bear. Our democracy is in danger once again. God help us all.”

Biden also responded to the town hall, saying: “Reflustrazuuure! Shut up, fat!”

Within minutes of the announcement of the lawsuit, a New York judge ruled in favor of the plaintiff and ordered Trump to pay $5 million.

One response to “CNN Host Sues Trump For Assault And Defamation After Town Hall

  1. Bicycle Horn the Clown

    They altered her name so she wouldn’t sue for butthurt!
    I loves me some bicycle horny.
    After the Comrades News Network got the ratings pump, they cut the mic.
    Red Hat wearers got a dopamine rush as PT Trumpum pwned the media for a few seconds, meanwhile the burning it all down continues.
    BTW-Just because someone has a MAGA hat, that doesn’t mean they are serious about it.
    Make Helicopters Great Again.


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