Fox News Goes the Way of the Landline, by Sasha Stone

And not a Moment Too Soon

The mainstream media is dying and Fox’s termination of Tucker Carlson is just another instance of a media organ hastening its own demise by putting political expediency above the widespread desire for something beside the approved narrative. From Sasha Stone at

The same network that called Tucker Carlson a “Right-wing extremist” has decided to put Donald Trump back on prime time. As their hypocrisy comes full circle, a pathetic #boycottcnn hashtag bloomed on Twitter. As if.

CNN’s ratings were in near-total collapse when Trump threw them a lifeline. By contrast, the Murdochs dumped their best ratings-getter for speaking too many uncomfortable truths.

To many on the Left, reality and truth are negotiable. They can fool themselves into believing Carlson was dumped for being a “racist” and “inciting violence.” But Fox News clearly had no idea what they had with Tucker Carlson and now they’ve taken one step closer to their own demise.

The thing about evolution – there are only two options: adapt or die. Tucker Carlson is choosing adaption, taking his chances with the free market and the energy driven by those who can readily access his videos instead of making sure they are in the right place at the right time, or finding it later on Youtube.

No, this is not an era of waiting. It’s not an era of organizing your life around scheduled programming. This is an era of on-demand media. No members of Generation-Z or any that come up after them will have any clue there was once such a thing as cable news.

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