Biden And DHS Secretary Claim ‘White Supremacy’ Is The Greatest US Terror Threat, By Tyler Durden

They’re calling white conservatives terrorists, which is prelude to treating them like terrorists. From Tyler Durden at

If you were ever confused as to why the political left has been using the words ‘white supremacy’ every time they mention conservative ideals in their rhetoric, then you might just be a regular person trying to think logically.  After all, millions of minorities are also conservative, libertarian and pro-constitution.  Millions of minorities are anti-socialist, pro-2nd Amendment and pro-meritocracy.  The accusation of white supremacy simply doesn’t apply.

Yet, this narrative continues.  Why?  It’s called social conditioning – Tell a big enough lie, tell it thousands of times, and eventually the public might subconsciously associate conservatives or conservative principles with racism even if the claim is provably false.  They will even suggest a conservative is a “white supremacist” despite the fact that he or she is not white.  

It’s confusing because it defies all reason, but that’s the point.  You cannot reason with zealotry.  You cannot argue facts with mental patients.  Their goal is chaos; their strategy is to use madness to bewilder their victims.

Recently we showcased a Department of Homeland Security propaganda program uncovered through FOIA which was intended to use a choose-your-own-adventure style narrative to teach the public how to identify “radicalized” domestic threats.  The majority of dangerous persons provided in sample cases were people espousing conservative values.  In other words, the DHS is seeking to actively target conservatives as the primary terror threat in the US. 

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2 responses to “Biden And DHS Secretary Claim ‘White Supremacy’ Is The Greatest US Terror Threat, By Tyler Durden

  1. To Absurdity And Beyond

    He spoke of this at an all black university where the students enjoy all the comforts of a first world (for now) society.
    Bull Connors (D) wasn’t waiting by the segregated fountain and this isn’t 1964.


  2. Biden is a dementia patient. Who are the imbeciles pulling the strings? This ridiculous narrative usually comes from the Ashkenazi mafia.


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