Musk, Soros and the End of the Media, by Tom Luongo

There are a few right now who can disregard the powers. As their schemes fall apart and lives and livelihoods are destroyed, many many more will follow in the Musk and Carlson footsteps, simply because they’ll have nothing to lose. From Tom Luongo at

So, Elon Musk sure shook things up the other day with his interview on CNBC where he dared to break the Fourth Wall of media when he took a shot at George Soros comparing him to Magneto from Marvel’s X-Men.

It’s a brutally funny exchange as Musk carefully measures his response, takes his time and then goes into full pop culture legend mode invoking Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride.

That CNBC flak wasn’t confused by this, he’s doing his job. He’s enforcing narrative control.

The choice of Magneto is an astute one, since it implies Soros’ childhood activities during World War II.

And while I appreciate Musk stepping on that third rail of media conformity, George Soros the philanthropist, I still maintain he’s closer to Sheev Palpatine than Erik Lehnsherr.

But what Musk really did was to question why media companies should always bow to the whims of their advertisers.

Musk has been subjected to advertiser boycotts since the day he walked in with the sink. Twitter’s business model needs to change. Advertising isn’t it. It’s only a part of it. Musk understands it needs to evolve because Twitter isn’t like legacy media companies.

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One response to “Musk, Soros and the End of the Media, by Tom Luongo

  1. Read that Emperor Palpatine removed all of the funding from Tesla and added Netflix.
    Musk can say these things because he has F you money.
    The usurper emperor says the destruction of America will the culmination of his life’s work.


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