The Real Robert F. Kennedy Jr., by Matthew Scully

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. may be more dangerous to establishment Democrats in 2024 than Donald Trump was to establishment Republicans in 2016. From Matthew Scully at

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announces his candidacy for president in a speech at Boston Park Plaza in Boston, Mass., April 19, 2023.(David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Tough and talented, the long-shot candidate has earned respect.

While Republican affairs can certainly get rough and unseemly at times, it’s usually the Democratic Party we can turn to for lessons in cold, unsentimental power politics. Consider, for instance, the reception accorded by the party establishment and like-minded reporters to an unexpected entrant into the 2024 presidential race, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a man who rates, one might have supposed, the respect due a worthy contender and honest dissenter.

After declaring his candidacy last month, RFK Jr. immediately showed at 14 percent in polls. Mild alarm followed, among supporters of President Biden, when two weeks later the next round of polling gave Kennedy an average of 20 percent. You could tell this was a bit of a shock because, almost instantly, the Washington Post dismissed it as nothing, in a hurried item headlined “Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Threat to Biden Is Inflated. Here’s Why.”

As surely as any Kennedy could once expect to be fawned over by Post reporters, this Kennedy — especially if he starts drawing crowds and votes — is never to be spared condescension and rebuke. The “why,” in case you haven’t heard, is that RFK Jr. has in recent years been airing “controversial,” “dangerous” views, and this makes him, says the Post, a “fringe figure” you needn’t take seriously.

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3 responses to “The Real Robert F. Kennedy Jr., by Matthew Scully

  1. There Is No Political Solution

    He did say that climate deniers should be jailed.
    The Karen control freak CPUSA true believers will make sure he gets the Tulsi, Barnie Sandlers treatment.
    I wonder what Ron Paul is up to? (honk!)


  2. Kennedy brings out the best in reporters. I think he will bring out the best in all of us.


  3. Nora Tomlinson

    He may be sincere in his beliefs, but his beliefs in *climate change* and *green* is militant. He also fought against the windmills/turbines proposed offshore of the Kennedy compound, because the area is *too pretty to spoil*. People are so easily seduced by the Kennedy name and his willingness to part ways with the Dems on a few issues, but by his own admission, he remains a progressive. Americans are not a literate or reasoned people, too willing to fall for soundbites.


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