Biden to Illegals: Stop, or We’ll Give You More Money, by Ann Coulter

Don’t forget that they’ll all end up as registered Democrats. From Ann Coulter at

There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding at the heart our current immigration debate. We keep hearing about needing an “orderly process” to get the migrants into our country, “building lawful pathways,” and helping the migrants bypass coyotes.

The two missing points are:

1) They have no right to come to our country; and

2) We don’t want them here.

Amid the hectoring from the mainstream media, it can be hard to remember, but we are a country, not a battered women’s shelter. We have a right to decide who moves here, becomes our fellow citizen and shapes the kind of country we are.

And we’re getting a little sick of reading headlines like these:

“What Americans’ declining height has to say about the economy” — PBS

“Why are Americans getting dumber?” — UnHerd

“The U.S. economy is in its fourth decade of rising inequality” — Equitable Growth

“Why are Americans’ lives getting shorter?” — The Economist

Which is why most Americans think the ideal number of immigrants is about zero.

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