Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right. NATO’s Soft War Soldiers, by Declan Hayes

Wars are won by tough guys, led by smart leaders. Both are in short supply in NATO’s ranks. From Declan Hayes at

NATO can send in the clowns but hopefully at day’s end, against the cold steel of the Russian Armed Forces, the joke will be on them.

Ukraine’s Clown Prince Zelensky, history’s richest ever comedian, was refused permission to perform during the finals of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, a rigged contest his rump Reich was allowed win last year.

Although Europe’s TV watchers were spared the ordeal of once again being forced to watch this swamp creature, whose obsessions include dressing up as GI Joe and showing his naked penis to his adoring audience, the question is, why does NATO entertain such utter idiots?

Why, for example, did Pope Francis agree to meet this fool and his fellow GI Joes in the Vatican? Did he want to see Zelensky play a piano with his penis or stomp through the Sistine Chapel, waving his private parts up at Michelangelo’s famous creation above them? Or did he want to co-ordinate the further persecution of Orthodox Christians in Ukraine and beyond? And why did he accept a bullet-proof vest with an icon of the Virgin Mary sacrilegiously painted on it from this modern-day Caligula, who had not even the decency to divest himself of his GI Joe uniform, something he would gladly do if there was a piano handy to play a rowdy ditty on? Just what did that Argentinean idiot want by meeting Ukraine’s coked-up Robin Hood and his merry men?

The truth of the matter is Zelensky and Pope Francis are not NATO’s only dunces; NATO is awash with such imbeciles. America has at the helm the senile Joe Biden, whose penchant is soiling his pants in the presence of Zelensky’s Holy Father (when Irish Joe isn’t otherwise engaged with groping children), and his number two is Kamala Harris, a cretin who cackles like one of those 1950s’ laughing sailor machines brought back to life to further terrify the little children Biden has just groped. France has one of history’s most unpopular ever dictators and Scotland, Britain and Ireland have unelected Indians, all three of whom have less charisma than stale bread and less integrity than even Zelensky, supposedly running the show.

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One response to “Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right. NATO’s Soft War Soldiers, by Declan Hayes

  1. Beautiful Music

    Wagner took Bakhmut.
    The WEF (FEW) clown leaders?
    Meant to demoralize, laugh out loud instead and honk the horn until the walls come down.


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