How Corruption Makes You Poor, by MN Gordon

Corruption hurts the virtuous, the people who work hard, save their money, and invest or start their own business. From MN Gordon at

Are you the type of person who works hard, saves money, and invests with the intent of accumulating lasting wealth?

If so, you’ve likely noticed that things don’t quite add up between what you’re regularly told about how the economy and financial markets work and what you actually experience.  We think there’s more to this than just dollars and cents.

The central feature of economics is prices.  How they are determined and how people respond to them.  This process establishes how prices adapt to meet the supply and demand pressures of the market.

Through experience, buyers can determine what’s a good deal or not.  And they adjust their behavior accordingly.  Similarly, through testing, sellers determine the optimal price of their products; a price where profit margin is best supported by sales.

For example, when airfares are cheap, a father may spring for long distance plane tickets so his family can vacation somewhere exotic.  When plane tickets are expensive, he may opt for a road trip and tent camping at a national park.

Both experiences will create lasting family memories.  Prices, nonetheless, are a critical determinant in the decision.

In fact, prices, and how people respond to them, are factored into nearly all free exchanges for fulfilling wants and needs.  You may already have an ample supply of socks.  But a ‘buy one get one free’ sale may incentivize you to buy more.

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One response to “How Corruption Makes You Poor, by MN Gordon

  1. Science Has Failed Our World

    Centuries of false programming is why it doesn’t add up.
    The smoke and mirrors are melting down and it’s the end of the line.
    All the clown’s men couldn’t put the dominion back together again.
    The greed heads took it all like the hungry hippo and evil always consumes itself in the end.
    Saw an ad for $3.49 Bud Light case with rebate, no takers…this gave me some hope for a seconds.


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