a successful society must see to itself, by el gato malo

Free societies, not governments, build civilizations. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

keep calm and take back what is ours: self-reliance is the only true social fabric

despite what leviathan may tell you, it does not fall to government to establish and maintain social norms.

the state is neither competent nor capable of doing so.

and you would not want it to even if it were.

a society must see to itself and establish the morals, mores, and behavior that it will accept.

that is what makes it a society.

civilization is not a thing to be directed from the top down but the sum of the bottom’s up relationships and order that emerge from its inhabitants in their exercise of agency and association.

it and its people must be self-governing and each must expect the same from each and all.

that’s the price and the payoff of full participation in the social contract.

anything else is barbarism and that includes “reliance upon government to do this for me.” such dependency is the hallmark of the child. adults solve their own problems and set up their own systems. adults step up to repair that which is broken.

“the government should fix this” is just a lazy way of admiring the problem but failing to be a part of the solution. it’s an admission that it’s “someone else’s problem to fix.”

“i care, but not enough to do anything myself” is not a terribly compelling mantra.

“i profess to care, but will wail against and vilify those who try to generate some semblance of societal order here because i want all the nice stuff without any conflict” is likely far worse and hypocritical to boot. it’s a childish inability to recognize trade offs or accept responsibility.

and yet we’re seeing this every day in 100 places and the result is debasement and degeneration.

we appease.

we do not deter.

we strive not for justice but for flimsy justification for malfunction and indolent passivity.

we wring our hands and rend our garments, but no one steps forward to act.

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  1. Come out of her my people.


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