“Pro-Russia” does NOT mean anti-globalist, by Catte Black

Is Vladimir Putin a counterweight to or promoter of globalism? From Catte Black at off-guardian.org:

For the first six years of our eight-year existence OffG was routinely described as “pro-Russian” by detractors and supporters alike. We were cited on RT and one editor was invited to work for them (they declined). We were classified semi-politely as “Russian disinfo” by certain fact-checkers, and condemned as “Russian trolls” who “found a home for their hate” by less scrupulous media.

There were repeat insinuations that we were controlled by the Russian government.

We weren’t, of course. And we aren’t now.

We were “pro-Russian” to the extent that we supported their eminently rational geopolitics over the crazy confrontationalism of the Washington neocons which seemed to be driving the world to war. We were “pro-Russian” in that this counter-propaganda struggle represented probably 90% of our output for our first five years.

We were “pro-Russia” on issues such as Ukraine, the Odessa Massacre, MH17, Syria, the Panama Papers, the Skripals, the Russiagate lies, Luke Harding’s nonsense, the Guardian’s sometimes hilarious Russophobia, and much much more

because being “pro-Russia” at that time meant being pro-peace, pro-rule of law, pro-truth.

But we were never “pro-Russian” to the extent of picking a side or feeling any sense of loyalty that transcends our independent ethical judgement. We were never funded to hold certain opinions, in fact we have never been funded by any benefactors or donors beyond the minuscule percentage of our readers (less than 0.05%) who are generous enough to send us a few tips in return for our free output. We struggle to survive in fact. Can’t afford to pay our wonderful contributors, who never complain about that.

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