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  1. “Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class.” Albert J. Nock

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  2. Thanks, Robert.
    I’d also appreciate a map showing the distribution of bio-labs! Btw, will try to make a financial contribution to your invaluable efforts when I’m in a happier position.
    Meanwhile, please accept my thanks.


  3. Thank you! You almost got it right. But, take a state
    like Texas and imagine it left the Union. Or California.
    Now sprinkle it with bioweapons labs and military
    bases. Have it cozy up to the worst enemies the US
    has. Just for fun, imagine some of the mudflaps in
    that state getting drunk as lords and deciding to lob
    artillery shells into Oklahoma and Louisiana. Ukraine
    is just Obama’s revenge on Putin for the ‘monkey
    with a hand grenade’ comment. Certainly an evil
    monkey to be sure.


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