Dollar Woes to Debt Denial: The USA Is Screwed, by Matthew Piepenburg

With the U.S.’s global standing in precipitous decline, it’s only logical that people should start losing faith in its currency. Faith is, after all, the only thing that keeps a fiat currency afloat. From Matthew Piepenburg at

De-Dollarization: Downplaying the Obvious

De-Dollarization is a real, all too real trend, though it is both fascinating and disturbing to see what is otherwise so obvious being deliberately down-played, excused or ignored from the top down.

But then again, the laundry list of ignored facts and open lies from the top down to hide hard truths in everything from inflation data to recessionary debt traps is nothing new.

Instead, such propaganda replacing blunt transparency is the new normal (and classic trick) for all historical endings to debt-soaked (and failing) nations/systems and their fork-tongued (i.e., guilty) policy makers.

Slow & Steady

De-Dollarization, of course, is a gradual rather than over-night process.

Its origins stem from 1) years of exporting USD inflation overseas (to the painful detriment of friend and foe alike) and 2) the insanely stupid decision to weaponize the world reserve currency (i.e., USD) subsequent to a border war between two local tyrants in the Ukraine.

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One response to “Dollar Woes to Debt Denial: The USA Is Screwed, by Matthew Piepenburg

  1. Burning It All Down Better

    Got Fundamental Transformation?
    The CBDC CCP social credit score society will be even worse.
    The hive won’t even look up from their telescreens and control freak Karens of both sexes might even get some uniforms so they can push the weak around on the road to the controller’s utopia.
    Forward! Si se puede!


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