Hunter Biden Faces Call for Key Business Associates in the Arkansas Proceedings, by Jonathan Turley

It would seem that in this child support case in which Hunter Biden is trying to reduce his payments, his wherewithal, or income, is a key issue. And that opens up a whole can of worms for Hunter. A lot of people would like a lot more information about Hunter’s income, particularly from where it came. From Jonathan Turley at

There is a new and interesting development in Arkansas where attorneys for Lunden Alexis Roberts have prepared a list of witnesses for the upcoming proceedings involving Hunter Biden’s daughter, Navy. As previously discussed, Hunter Biden is seeking to reduce child support payments and has balked at Navy being able to use the Biden name. If successful, this could get a lot worse for Hunter in his alleged efforts to conceal his past income. On the list are business partners at the center of the influence peddling scandal. (Thank you to the reader who sent this possibly prophetic intersection picture).

On the list are business partners who are connected to millions of dollars acquired from foreign interests in China, Ukraine and other countries. Also on the list is New York City art gallery owner Georges Bergès who continues to sell his art.  Bergès has reportedly pushed back on congressional efforts to reveal details on these proceeds and buyers even though former government ethicists have raised concerns over the sales.

The costs of these proceedings and high-priced legal team would seem to undermine claims of financial distress by Biden. However, by putting his financial worth at issue, Hunter has opened up a new front in battling over the disclosure of his past dealings. Some of his past associates are reportedly cooperating with House investigators in tracking foreign payments.

Even the Washington Post has belatedly published an editorial admitting that this is all a serious concern over influence peddling. In an editorial titled  “Millions flowed to Biden family members. Don’t pretend it doesn’t matter.”

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2 responses to “Hunter Biden Faces Call for Key Business Associates in the Arkansas Proceedings, by Jonathan Turley

  1. Barney Miller

    Flying out in the $55,000 per flight jet that used to belong to Brad Paisley? (H/T-ODJB)
    If that’s “poverty” where do I sign up.
    Oh wait deals with the devil never end well.


  2. Perhaps this will be another “Al Capone tax evasion” strike. Here’s hoping….



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