What Can The US Senate Teach Us about the Dangers of the COVID-19 Vaccines? By A Midwestern Doctor

It is justice that some of the politicians who pushed hard for vaccinations and mandatory vaccionations are now afflicted with what appear to be vaccine injuries. Perhaps they didn’t hear about saline shots for the elite. From A Midwestern Doctor at rwmalonemd.substack.com:

A review of the common forms of spike protein injuries and the profound consequences of denying them.

Reprinted by permission from the substack “The Forgotten Side of Medicine”, published by “A Midwestern Doctor”. The author is a personal friend of Dr. Pierre Koury, Ed Dowd, Steve Kirsch and myself, and his substack essays characteristically combine insights reflecting his deep understanding of both medicine and the human condition.

Since the COVID-19 vaccines first came out, I have had many vaccine-injured patients, friends have contacted me about relatives who died suddenly, and I’ve spent an immense amount of time reading vaccine injury reports online. Once it became apparent that none of my colleagues would consider these concerns because they were trapped in a mass formation about the vaccines being 95% effective and our salvation from the pandemic, I felt trapped and hopeless.

Before long, I could at least meticulously confirm and document each injury I came across. I was unsure if it would ultimately lead to anything, but I had a strong feeling that, for some reason, I needed to do it. I then rationalized this hunch under the logic that making a log would give me a better sense of if the reports I saw online were accurately describing the catastrophe that was unfolding, it would provide me with some form of proof I could show colleagues who insisted there was no evidence whatsoever the vaccines were harmful, and it was a way I could at least pay respect to those who were injured.

Ultimately, my intuition was correct, but not for any of the reasons I rationalized at the time ago (which has repeatedly been an important life lesson for me). Fifteen months ago, not knowing who I was, Steve Kirsch kindly agreed to share an article I felt the world needed to see. It argued what we were going through with the COVID vaccine (written at the time the trucker protests were happening in Canada) perfectly mirrored what had happened with the disastrous (and ineffective) smallpox vaccines almost 150 years ago.

However, in addition to sharing it, Kirsch also encouraged his readers to subscribe to my newly formed Substack (made solely to share the smallpox article). Not being sure what else to do with a newfound subscriber base, I published the log I had put together over the last year. It hit a nerve and went viral (again, largely thanks to Steve’s help).

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