AP news is not news, it’s paid for marketing, by el gato malo

If you’ve got the stomach for it, watch the video, and never forget the horseshit with which they tried to bury the sane. From el gato malo at boriquagato.substack.com:

fear is the time-honored tool of the demagogue and has of late been increasingly harnessed by those who would seek power and profit.

the size, scope, and reach of these fear campaigns is unparalleled in human history. they can be difficult to see from the inside, often those affected are too busy being frightened to perceive the simple, rote repetition and the relentless, evidence-free assertion of “factiness” that twists perceptions into hallucinations by simple weight of numbers.

this is why they say the same things again and again, why they embed them in every context, and why they come at you every day from every angle to make these conjured hobgoblins appear ubiquitous and the consensus about them seem perfect.

dissent is branded “denialism” and that small amount of disagreement that does manage to get through is drowned in torrents of talking points argued as endless assertion until no other sounds remain in the public consciousness.

this video has been going around twitter etc. it’s wild to watch it all in one place. see how much you can get through before you have to turn it off.

then imagine how much you probably saw over 3 years and what it does to one’s sense of the world.

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