A Bad Week for America in the World, by Ted Snider

The Leader of the Free World doesn’t appear to be leading anybody, including itself, into anything but disaster. From Ted Snider at antiwar.com:

In the past several days, four separate events have occurred that, each in a significant way, signal the need for concern in the US.

The War in Ukraine

Like an example of double think in a seminar on Orwell’s 1984, two The New York Times’ headlines read simultaneously that “Russia Claims Victory in Bakhmut” and “Ukraine Turns Tide in Bakhmut.” The Western media then gave an Orwellian example of rewriting history with the claim that, with Russia’s victory in Bakhmut, they had fallen into Ukraine’s trap. If the Russian occupation of Bakhmut was a trap, the Ukrainian military could have left long ago, sprung the trap and spared the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers.

Though far from the end of the war, the fall of Bakhmut is important. In March, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned, perhaps somewhat dramatically in his quest for more weapons, that, if Russia wins control of Bakhmut, “it would be open road for the Russians . . . to other towns in Ukraine” and said that if Bakhmut is captured, “Our society will push me to have to compromise” with Russia. Now the media has turned “fortress Bakhmut” into a “symbolic victory.”

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