Clown Prince Zelensky’s Saudi And Japanese Slime Trail, by Declan Hayes

You can’t be too cynically acidic, or acidly cynical, about Zelensky and his entourage. From Declan Hayes at

The way forward for Japan, as well as Taiwan and Korea, is to emulate Saudi Arabia and to tiptoe away as gingerly as they can from their American lords and masters.

Fresh from defiling Western Europe, Clown Prince Zelensky’s slug show next hit Saudi Arabia and Japan, two countries where protocol and presentation are paramount. Zelensky’s insistence on showing up in both countries in his GI Joe regalia did whatever self-serving cause he was propounding immense and irreparable harm.

First off was Saudi Arabia where Syria’s President Assad, and the world’s other Arab leaders, showed how things are done in their neck of the woods, much as they are done in Japan. You dress the part, play by the rules and business gets done.

Indeed, when you fly into Tokyo’s Narita Airport, you first see a huge sign: Welcome to Japan. Obey the Rules. One such rule is that, when in Rome, one does as the Romans or, in their case, the Japanese do. It is essential because, as any Japanese will tell you, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down. No square pegs in round holes there; in Japan, as in Saudi Arabia, it is strictly horses for courses and no GI Joe, unless you are into teenage cosplay.

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