Demolishing The Warren Report, by Paul Rosenberg

This is the simplest demolition of the Warren Report you’ll ever see. From Paul Rosenberg at

One of my entertainments, from time to time, has been the Kennedy assassination… John Kennedy’s, that is. I’m not particularly a fan of mysteries, but once in a while one of them intrigues me, and this is a good one.

What I’m going to show you today are two images from a CBS News Special Report from 1967, filmed and broadcast because so many people had failed to believe the Warren Report. I’m quite sure they didn’t realize they were making their esteemed report ridiculous, but they did it just the same.

So, let’s take a look.

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One response to “Demolishing The Warren Report, by Paul Rosenberg

  1. Robert:

    As I have previously indicated, I began to “entertain” the possibility of conspiracy within the corridors of political power, following the Kennedy assassination.

    Not the event itself and the immediate arrest of LHO. I was likely shocked into my initial thought of such, when JR then killed LHO on live television! The very idea that a character like Ruby would be so “outraged” that he would behave as he did on live TV, I found utterly “bizarre!”

    However, it wasn’t until the Warren Commission was established that I got “on board” the possibility of conspiracy. After all, the possibility that political power in America had, after but half a century of serious insult to the Constitution, reached conspiracy “critical mass,” was entirely plausible.

    It wasn’t the conclusions of the Warren Commission report, those became – at least in my mind, foregone. No, it was when Allen Dulles was “somehow” appointed to the Commission that my antenna became deployed.

    We now have inescapable evidence of a so-called “Deep State.” It is as real as are the absurdity of Biden as President, and both political parties becoming our entire political focus!

    Except, of course, by those of us who remain willing to “look behind the curtains,” as the bizarre facts become ever more bizarre,


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