Here’s Why This 10-Year Bear Market Generally Results in a 10-Year Bull Market, by Chris MacIntosh

The Germans have some of the highest energy prices in Europe and they’re mandating even more expensive solar and wind energy while dismantling cheaper nuclear power. Sooner or later it will lead to civil unrest. From Chris MacIntosh at

Bull Market

German engineering used to be world renowned. Revered, the epitome of manufacturing and perfection. You didn’t want a German girlfriend. She’d beat you up, but you definitely wanted a German car. That’s how well known it was.

And now look at what Germany does… Germany — or should I say, German pointy shoes. In their woke bid to solve a problem that doesn’t exist (climate change) with a plan that won’t work (renewables and 15 minute cities) has finally done it. They’ve shut down their last remaining nuclear power stations.

Hours Before Closing Reactor, German Utility Announces 45% Price Rise

Thousands of consumers in North Rhine-Westphalia have to dig deeper for electricity: market leader Eon increased to 1. June its basic supply prices, as he tells many customers these days. „ In parts of NRW, the new labor price is 49.44 cents gross per kilowatt hour, which means an adjustment of around 45 percent for average consumption “, confirmed a spokesman for Eon Energie. The Verivox comparison portal calculates what that means for a three-person household in NRW that Eon supplies in basic services: From June, he pays 2125 euros for an annual consumption of 4000 kilowatt hours of electricity.

As Eon (one of Europe’s largest operators of energy networks and energy infrastructure), and in fact all of Germany, proceeds to close nuclear, by far its cheapest reliable power, it (Eon) announced a 45% price jump for customers from what are already some of Europe’s highest prices.

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One response to “Here’s Why This 10-Year Bear Market Generally Results in a 10-Year Bull Market, by Chris MacIntosh

  1. Order Out Of Chaos

    The controllers envision decades of chaos and discord.
    They will make it so humanity has to revolt out of survival necessity.


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