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Is Tolerance a One-Way Street? by Douglas Murray

It was easy to hold demonstrations, wave signs, and march arm-in-arm after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris two years ago. It is far more difficult to maintain a steadfast commitment to freedom of expression in the face of intimidation, political correctness, and terror. From Douglas Murray at gatestoneinstitute.org:

• When just about every other magazine in the free world fails to uphold the values of free speech and the right to caricature and offend, who could expect a group of cartoonists and writers who have already paid such a high price to keep holding the line of such freedoms single-handed?

• Most of the people who said they cared about the right to say what they wanted when they wanted, were willing to walk the walk — to walk through Paris with a pencil in the air. Or they were willing to talk the talk, proclaiming “Je Suis Charlie.” But almost no one really meant it.

• If President Hollande and Chancellor Merkel had really believed in standing up for freedom of expression, then instead of walking arm-in-arm through Paris together with such an inappropriate figure as Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, they would have held up covers of Charlie Hebdo and said: “This is what a free society looks like and this is what we back: everyone, political leaders, gods, prophets, the lot can be satirised, and if you do not like it then you should hop off to whatever unenlightened hell-hole you dream of.”

The entire world press has internalised what happened at Charlie Hebdo and instead of standing united, has decided never to risk something like that ever happening to them again.

• For the last two years, we have learned for certain that any such tolerance is a one-way street. This new submission to Islamist terrorism is possibly why, in 2016, when an athlete with no involvement in politics, religion or satire was caught doing something that might have been seen as less than fully respectful of Islam, there was no one around to defend him.

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The Uses And Abuses Of Charlie Hebdo: War Hysteria And Another FBI Entrapment Gig, by Justin Raimondo

In a post, “The Least Surprising Headline of the New Year,” SLL asked: “Were all those leaders at the front of the Paris march demonstrating their commitment to free speech and civil liberties, or their commitment to curtailing them in the name of a never-ending war on a tactic—terror—a war in which they employ the same tactic?” Here’s the answer, from Justin Raimondo at davidstockmanscontracorner.com:

Six months ago, 20-year-old Christopher Lee Cornell, an American convert to Islam living with his parents in Green Township, Ohio, attracted the attention of the FBI. We don’t know the reason for their initial interest, although it’s likely Cornell’s vocal adherence to Muslim religious beliefs had much to do with it. In any case, he was put under surveillance and, at some point, an FBI informant seeking leniency for crimes he had committed got in touch with Cornell at the Bureau’s request. This was the genesis of the “terrorist plot” to bomb the Capitol in Washington the feds are trumpeting as a triumph that demonstrates both their competence and the alleged danger the “Islamic State” poses to Americans on American soil.

It was, in short, another set up – a case of pure entrapment, as are the overwhelming majority of “anti-terrorist” busts claimed by the FBI and allied agencies. The public, we are assured, was never in any real danger – this is what the authorities tell us, and in that they are perfectly correct. What they don’t say is that such people are mostly a danger to themselves, and that law enforcement is engaging in “security theater.”

Cornell’s case is typical: his father describes him as an unemployed “Momma’s boy” who rarely left the house. The high school he once attended described him as quiet but not a solitary figure, someone who participated in the life of the school although his father says he took lots of flack for his outspoken Muslim beliefs. School authorities say they are “shocked” and had no indication their former student had any violent tendencies whatsoever.

The informant contacted Cornell over Twitter, apparently, where he was tweeting under the sobriquet “Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah,” and after the preliminary informant-victim courtship the two met. Cornell claimed to have been in contact with “brothers overseas,” but seems not to have gotten the green light to start launching attacks. And it also seems that the resource-less, jobless Cornell hadn’t the means to purchase the guns he and the informant were planning to use in their attack on the US Capitol: Cornell had saved money for his moment in the spotlight, but not enough, according to his father – who implies the informant supplied the requisite cash.

For the past six months the informant and his handlers had been leading Cornell into a carefully prepared trap – which they coincidentally chose to spring days after the Paris attacks. And if you think that’s a coincidence I have a bridge you might like to purchase – cheap.

Another “coincidence”: the latest Pew poll – the favorite of the Washington elites – lists “terrorism” as Americans’ top concern “for the first time in five years,” just as the new Congress goes into session – and the presidential election pre-season begins.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to see the confluence of factors at work here, and in France – where the “Je suis Charlie” “free speech” march has given way to over fifty arrests for “subversive” speech, while the French government prints 1.5 million copies of Charlie Hebdo at taxpayers’ expense. In the meantime, Socialist President Francois Hollande addressed his troops aboard the carrier Charles de Gaulle, declaring “the situation justifies the presence of our aircraft carrier” in the Middle East.


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