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Heart Disease Roars Back: Why? by David Brownstein, M.D.

There are two reasons why heart disease rates are increasing. Lowering cholesterol with statin drugs doesn’t work, and the US has an obesity epidemic. From David Brownstein at drbrownstein.com:

The Wall Street Journal published (1.15.20) a front-page article titled, “Heart Disease Roars Back, Even in Healthy Places.” (1) The article reports, “Americans are dying of heart disease and stroke at a rising rate in middle age, normally considered the prime years of life.”

How can that be? We have spent untold trillions of dollars fighting this scourge. Americans spend more on health care than any other people on the planet, yet these are the headlines we are faced with.

I am not surprised by this article. I have been writing to you for over two decades about this issue. Conventional medicine and the Big Pharma Cartel have worked hard to erroneously convince us that high cholesterol levels are the reason why we have so much heart disease.   Big Pharma would like you to believe that the lower your cholesterol level, the healthier you will be. Additionally, the Powers-That-Be (which includes conventional medicine) have been pushing the idea that everyone needs to be treated with cholesterol-lowering medications in order to lower the rate of heart disease.

So, what has happened over the last few decades? Statins are the most profitable medications in the history of Big Pharma. Over one-third of adult Americans are currently prescribed a statin medication. That number has been steadily increasing over the last 25 years. And, guess what? Over this time period, our cholesterol levels have been falling. (2)

If statins were so great at preventing heart disease, you would think that studies would show a declining heart disease rate over the last 25 years.

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