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Pfizer, Moderna Shots More Likely to Cause Serious Injury Than Reduce Risk of COVID-Related Hospitalization, by Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

So, we’re finally getting conclusive proof of what many of us have been saying for two years: the shots do more harm than good. From Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D., at childrenshealthdefense.org:

A new analysis of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial data shows the risk of serious injury following the vaccine is greater than the reduction in COVID-19 hospitalizations, according to a study posted June 23 on Social Science Research Network.

A new analysis of Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial data shows the risk of serious injury following the vaccine is greater than the reduction in COVID-19 hospitalizations, according to a study posted June 23 on Social Science Research Network.

“Combining the trials, there was a 43% increased risk of serious adverse events of special interest and an absolute risk increase of 12.5 serious adverse events of special interest per 10,000 vaccinated participants,” the authors of the pre-print paper wrote.

Based on their findings, the authors called for a harm-benefit analysis of COVID-19 vaccines.

The researchers — among them Peter Doshi, Ph.D., senior editor at The BMJ and associate professor of pharmaceutical health services research at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy — concluded:

“A systematic review and meta-analysis using individual participant data should be undertaken to address questions of harm-benefit in various demographic subgroups. Full transparency of the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial data is needed to properly evaluate these questions. Unfortunately, well over a year after widespread use of COVID-19 vaccines, participant-level data remain inaccessible.”

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Covid Vaccines More Likely to Put You in Hospital Than Keep You Out, BMJ Editor’s Analysis of Pfizer and Moderna Trial Data Finds, by Will Jones

If you’re surprised you haven’t been paying attention, but it’s never too late to pop the red pill. From Will Jones at dailyskeptic.org:

The pre-print (not yet peer-reviewed) focuses on serious adverse events highlighted in a WHO-endorsed “priority list of potential adverse events relevant to COVID-19 vaccines”. The authors evaluated these serious adverse events of special interest as observed in “phase III randomised trials of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines”.

A serious adverse event was defined as per the trial protocols as an adverse event that results in any of the following conditions:

  • death;
  • life-threatening at the time of the event;
  • inpatient hospitalisation or prolongation of existing hospitalisation;
  • persistent or significant disability/incapacity;
  • a congenital anomaly/birth defect;
  • medically important event, based on medical judgement.

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Four game-changing things I learned at the Journey rock concert tonight, by Steve Kirsch

Has Steve Kirsch finally found someone who will debate him? From Kirsch at stevekirsch.substack.com:

My wife told me I had to attend a Journey rock concert at Santa Clara University tonight. So I went. I’m really glad I did. Great concert and I learned four important new things I want you to know.

Executive summary

Surveys of my followers show that COVID vaccines are more dangerous than COVID HOSPITAL PROTOCOLS which in turn are much more dangerous than the COVID virus. This applies to both deaths and injuries. This will be repeated using an outside polling firm.

In other words, the elephant in the room is that the government-promoted cures (vaccines and hospital treatment protocols) are far worse than the disease for both deaths and injuries.

Santa Clara University looks like a great opportunity to be heard after more than 1 year of censorship from universities throughout America. Nobody has wanted to hear the other side of the narrative.

Pursuing civil cases against the major pharmacies may be an effective way to shut down the givers of the vaccines.

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What COVID Jabs Are Doing to the Immune System and How the Injured Can Heal, by Beth Giuffre and Dr. Yuhong Dong

The title should have said “How the Injured Can Heal If They Survive.” Unfortunately it’s not just case rates among the vaccinated that are spiking up; so too are death rates. From Beth Giuffre and Dr. Yuhong Dong at theburningplatform.com:


  • Jab-induced spike injuries are on the rise, but in order to heal, the injuries must first be recognized

  • Del Bigtree’s Football Analogy simplifies how spike protein reprograms the body’s immune system to attack itself

  • The latest science explains the mechanism of jab-induced spike injuries, and spike’s affinity for certain organs

  • Understanding the mechanisms of injury can help people heal: energy-boosting exercises reinvigorate the immune system and compounds like N-acetyl-L-cysteine can neutralize the toxic effects of the spike protein

With the majority of the worldwide population now “fully” vaccinated, people are facing the unprecedented challenge of coping with jab-induced spike injuries. The world has never seen a virus with a spike protein that is so toxic to the system, nor has the world’s population seen a vaccine with so many firsts—such as being the first to use mRNA technology against an infectious virus.

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The Great Vaccine Disaster, by Vasko Kohlmayer

It would be bad enough if the vaccine they tried to force us all to get was merely ineffective, but it’s becoming increasingly apparent that it’s actually counterproductive. It makes recipients less healthy. From Vasko Kohlmayer at lewrockwell.com:

“Vaccinated Have Up To SIX Times the Infection Rate of Unvaccinated, New Zealand Government Data Show” reads a recent headline from The Daily Sceptic.

Disturbing data keeps coming from countries around the world: those who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 are contracting Covid at considerably higher rates than those who have not been vaccinated. Even worse, the vaccinated are now also falling seriously ill and dying more often than their unvaccinated counterparts.

In the UK, for example, in March nearly 90 percent of Covid hospitalizations and over 90 percent of Covid deaths were among the vaccinated.

The British data is consistent with that coming from other nations such as New Zealand, Australia, Scotland and Canada. Steve Kirsch summarized this situation in his Substack piece titled The More You Vax, The Weaker Your Immune System Becomes.

Kirsch’s piece opens with the following sentence:

It doesn’t get any more insane than this: the more you vaccinate, the greater your chance of getting COVID. Vaccinate 3 times and your risk of getting COVID is 3 times worse than an unvaccinated person.

Kirsch then goes on to link to analyses of governmentally collected data to show how bad the situation is.

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The CDC knew in January 2021 that the vaccines were unsafe, but they said NOTHING, by Steve Kirsch

The CDC didn’t want to upset their true constituency, big pharma. From Steve Kirsch at stevekirsch.substack.com:

The data was in public view in January 2021 that the vaccines were too unsafe for use in humans. By February, it was even more obvious. To this day, the CDC has never acknowledged this safety signal.

Remember Sgt. Schultz on Hogan’s Heroes? “I know nothing, nothing!” was his iconic line (see the video for the 3 second clip of this; see this video for a 30 sec clip).

تويتر \ Classic Movie Hub على تويتر: "Born Today, Jan 28, in 1910, John  Banner - Over 130 film/tv roles - & of course best known as Sgt Schultz on  Hogan's Heroes! "

Why is this relevant today? Because this is exactly how the CDC and FDA react when they see a safety signal. It is almost “as if” they had all been trained by Sgt. Schultz himself.

This morning I wondered to myself, “How early did they know?”

To find out, I did a few queries on the VAERS system.

It turns out that they knew in January 2021, as soon as the vaccines rolled out it was unsafe and they didn’t tell anyone.

And by February 2021, it was even more obvious. The data was in plain sight the entire time. It was in the primary database they look at for spotting safety signals: VAERS. It couldn’t have been more obvious. This is the database they were watching like a hawk. They said that.

And there is no way to sugar coat this data. There is no way to explain away this data.

So what they did is they pretended it didn’t exist and they said nothing, nothing. Just like Sergeant Schultz taught them.

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Diaper Report 3/16/22, by Eric Peters

The Covid commissars are deathly afraid the deadly truth about the deadly vaccines is coming out. They’d better be afraid of the legal consequences we’re all hoping they face. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

This is a report all of us may be making soon.

I will preface it by reporting that I know no one who died from the “virus” – whatever it is. Whether it was gain-of-Fauci’d in (say it like the Orange Fail) China or just another flu, maybe a little worse, definitely exaggerated – a lot.

Several people I know – including myself – did catch a cold, finally, toward the end of the “pandemic” (which ended in the manner of a light switch being flicked from On to Off about two weeks ago – right around the time a court ordered the release of pharma documents we weren’t supposed to see for another 75 years).

The sniffles – not the slumber room. Enough to make me grumpy – but not even enough to make me stay in bed, much less “overwhelm” a hospital.

Then there is the 23-year-old daughter of a friend of mine.

I just received the report from him, yesterday, that she is in the hospital – on account of the serious heart problems she just happened to develop shortly after you-know-what.

Those “safe” and “effective” injections which are so effective that the CEO of Pfizer is now saying a fourth one in less than twelve months is needed; so “safe” that 23-year-olds who were what 23-year-olds tend to be (healthy) before they were injected are becoming very sick very regularly. Myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart and its lining) have become childhood diseases – over a matter of months. The same months during which healthy young people were being “vaccinated” en masse for a sickness they were already immune from – by dint of their youth and health.

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When False Narratives Break, by Chris Martenson

When one lie unravels, others tend to follow. From Chris Martenson at peakprosperity.com:

Let me be blunt; we are all in big danger right now.

The reasons are many, but they share one cause – too many people in positions of power believe in false things. They are quite convinced their narratives are real and true, I’ll grant them that, but they are deluded in their thinking.

Somehow vaccines became a matter of belief for many people. I was always skeptical having seen too much from the pharma companies and even having worked at Pfizer for nearly three years as a fresh PhD and MBA graduate.

I know that one cannot short-cycle the safety studies without risk. I then weighed the risk of Covid for people under the age of 60 and in good health, who knew the benefits of proper terrain boosting and had access to early treatments, and decided that their 99.98% survival rate was good enough for me to wait a bit on the vaccines to see how things went.

I also intensively poured over the data on vaccine efficacy and soon noted that the vaccines wore off rather quickly consigning their advocates to an endless cycle of boosters with unknown and unknowable risks to their immune system functions.

As I waited a bit longer, more and more safety data began to pour in showing that for an unacceptably high proportion of people, the vaccines were extremely unsafe and even deadly. While that might “only” be 1/100 or 1/200, the impacts were horrifying. Clots, embolisms, strokes, myocarditis, heart attacks, spontaneous abortions, neurological damage, menstrual cycle disruptions…the list was ominously long.

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No One Can Tolerate Permanent Fever, High Antibodies, by Joseph Mercola

Covid-19 vaccine boosters lead recipients down the path to permanent fever and high antibodies. They also impair the immune system. From Joseph Mercola at theburningplatform.com:

Tucker Carlson Falsely Claims the COVID Vaccine Is Killing People (Video)

Story at-a-glance

  • Artificially inflated antibodies caused by repeated booster shots signal to your body that you’re always infected, and the resulting immune response could prove to be detrimental to your health
  • Repeated booster shots may lead to a “death zone,” accelerating the development of autoimmune conditions such as Parkinson’s, Kawasaki disease and multiple sclerosis
  • Molecular mimicry may be to blame for autoimmune conditions caused by COVID-19 shots; there are often significant similarities between elements in the vaccine and human proteins, which can lead to immune cross-reactivity
  • Case reports suggest that COVID-19 shots may trigger vaccine-induced immune-mediated and autoimmune hepatitis, and concern is growing that repeated booster shots will only worsen outcomes

Endless COVID-19 booster shots are being presented as the solution to the pandemic, as repeated injections increase the level of antibodies in your body.1 In December 2021, for instance, Moderna reported that their COVID-19 booster shot increased the level of antibodies by 37-fold, and when a full dose was given — the same amount used for the initial shots — antibody levels rose 83-fold.2

Pfizer and BioNTech have also announced that their booster shots increase antibody levels, but to what end? Artificially inflated antibodies signal to your body that you’re always infected, and the resulting immune response could prove to be detrimental to your health.

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Wake-Up Call, by James Howard Kunstler

The number of people who understand what the Covid commissars have done to them and the ongoing long-term health threats posed by the vaccines is reaching critical mass. The explosion will be one for the ages. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

How many times have I reminded you that history is a prankster? Who would have guessed that Canada, demure, inoffensive, shrinking violet among nations, would rise to lead a world-wide revolt against the Satanic dominion of digital neo-Bolshevism? I mean, what else can you call it — this political Saint Vitus Dance sweeping Western Civ that seeks to destroy every constitutional liberty, deprive citizens of life, property, and even language, and reduce every individual to an internet-surveilled and controlled automaton… this global megalomaniacal mental illness posturing as “government?”

Well, now it has happened, and the head of Canada’s government, Justin Trudeau — arguably the most fatuous would-be tyrant in the former “Free World” — has failed to emerge from his hidey-hole for the better part of a week, perhaps afraid of his seeing his shadow like the groundhog of legend, and it begins to look as if his days as Prime Minister grow short. It’s rumored that the Canadian military told Mr. Trudeau in plain un-Woke Canadian English to fuck-off, they will not take orders to put down the trucker’s protest, and even the Mounties are wobbling, so it’s left to the Ottawa police, who threaten to arrest anyone aiding the truckers with food, water, and fuel. Wait and see how quickly that will turn to fighting in the streets. Constitutional crisis, ay?

Meanwhile, a dozen or so other members of the Western Civ Club of Nations are ditching their Covid-19 mandates and restrictions. The reason: despite the mighty forces of deliberate organized mind-fuckery and resulting mass delusion, the Covid-19 “vaccines” are finally revealed as a criminal fraud, a danger to all who submitted to them, and an insult to the age-old accrued intelligence of the human race as used-to-be represented by science, ethics, and law.

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