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Have You Met the New George Soros? She’s American, Prettier, Richer, More Powerful, and Far More Dangerous, by Howard Roark

A new entrant to the Billionaires To Save Benighted Humanity Club. From Howard Roark at thedcpatriot.com:

She’s good looking, richer, and she’s even more woke. Like way more woke. Her name is Laurene Jobs, and she’s the widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs. She’s now using her money and power to fight the culture war in ways we can’t even imagine.

Laurene’s net worth is about $24.5 billion. She’s the 5th richest woman in the world. The bonus for her is she’s also American, so she can get her hands into everything, with no one blinking an eye.

One of her main focuses is said to be climate change, which as we all know, is the foundation of the left’s “Green New Deal” and a gateway to communism.

She’s also a media mogul, focused on children’s education, teachers unions, liberal indoctrination, and she’s very secretive about it all. Her “Emerson” project is very mysterious.

Here’s what the inter web says about Emerson:

Laurene Powell Jobs is the founder and president of Emerson Collective. Using philanthropy, investing, storytelling, and convenings, Emerson Collective creates opportunities and develops innovative solutions to spur change in education, the environment, immigration, and health equity.

Puck News did a piece on her back in 2021:

Obama, like many members of the American elite, wants to keep Powell Jobs close. He should. In an industry town where every billionaire has a mission or two, Powell Jobs has stretched herself out over the last decade to have a million, with grand and sprawling aspirations to help rebuild American media, close the K-12 achievement gap, overhaul the immigration system and make money along the way.

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