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MTG’s ‘National Divorce’ May Be the Only Way to Prevent Bloodshed, by Ben Sellers

Why should two groups who dislike each other and are bound only by history stay under the same government? From Ben Sellers at headlineusa.com:

‘The splits between the two halves of the nation—red and blue, right and left—increasingly appear irreconcilable…’

conscious uncoupling
Conscious uncoupling / Graphic by Ben Sellers, Headline USA; photo by Hilary Weeks via GOOP; state illustrations by Office of Paul Sahre

(Ben Sellers, Headline USA) Democrats’ righteous indignation last month at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s calls for a “national divorce” came as no surprise.

It was just the latest in an endless parade of things that the Left was for before it was against, to borrow a catchphrase from consummate waffler John Kerry.

It is hard, in fact, to come up with a position on their current platform where Democrats have not flip-flopped when political opportunism or necessity struck.

And so it was that the only party ever to have seceded from the Union found itself comparing Greene to its own former leader, Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

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