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Don’t Laugh Too Hard At Bloomberg Or He Might Not Run, by Kurt Schlichter

Michael Bloomberg will not help the Democrats’ cause in 2020. From Kurt Schlichter at theburningplatform.com:

Don’t Laugh Too Hard At Bloomberg Or He Might Not Run

Name the Democrat who is super-excited to have Michael Bloomberg barge into the Dem primaries like some nutty ex-girlfriend who gave you crabs popping in at your wedding. Where is the groundswell of support behind this pint-sized presidential aspirant? Perhaps the Democratic consultants who didn’t sign up with one of the other goofy candidates are happy. The micro-zillionaire may not have charisma or a vision or actual human support, but he’s got endless bucks to squander on electoral parasites.

So, those jerks will love him getting in. And so will us Republicans – Trump already has a nickname laid upon the numismatic gnome, “Little Michael.”

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Enter the Old White Knight, by James Howard Kunstler

For a party that despises white men, there sure are a lot of white men vying for it’s presidential nomination. Michael Bloomberg is the latest to throw his hat in the ring. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

They say he has beheld the weenies of the field and found them wanting — no, dangerously feeble, limp, insipid, deluded unto a kind of hebephrenia — and now, just maybe, Michael “Mike” Bloomberg will don the old steel breastplate and Kevlar jockstrap, take up the lance, and sally forth in a Lincoln Navigator to slay the Golden Golem of Greatness stalking the land… the last Great Hope of the Boomer Gen! That’s the scuttlebutt, anyway, or maybe more like a fevered dream of the restive elites stewing in their private equity aeries amid all this bothersome talk of wealth confiscation far out in the primary state flyover thickets.

Here’s what is generally misunderstood about Michael Bloomberg’s mayoral career in New York City. He did not so much manage or personally direct the fabulous post-9/11 revival of Manhattan and Brooklyn, the renovation of all those skeezy neighborhoods, the construction orgy of so many gleaming new apartment towers, the wondrous buff-up of Olmstead’s green gem, Central Park, the cleanup of the disgusting precinct around Times Square, and the defeat of common street crime — palpable improvements for sure — as he presided over the financialization of the economy run from those elite aeries on Wall Street, to the prodigious advantage of Old Gotham as all the assets stripped from the sclerotic industrial USA outlands got converted, abracadabra, into an infinity of digital dollar credits on the Too Big To Fail bank balance sheets, of which the revival of New York City was a mere byproduct. And so, Mike Bloomberg is now called to defend the empire of money under grave threat from these yipping midgets of socialist Jacobinism come to infest the Democratic Party. Or something like that. (Isn’t it all about narratives these days?)

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Blomberg vs. Trump? by Patrick J. Buchanan

From Patrick Buchanan at buchanan.org:

The morning of the New Hampshire primary, Donald Trump, being interviewed on “Morning Joe,” said that he would welcome his “friend” Michael Bloomberg into the presidential race.

Which is probably the understatement of 2016.

The three-term mayor of New York and media mogul whose fortune is estimated at $39 billion, making him one of the richest men on earth, told the Financial Times on Monday he is considering a run.

Bloomberg had earlier confided he was worried about Hillary Clinton’s ability to turn back the challenge of Bernie Sanders, regards Trump’s rise with trepidation, and is appalled by the pedestrian character of the campaign rhetoric.

“I find the level of discourse and discussion distressingly banal and an insult to the voters,” said Bloomberg; the public deserves “a lot better.”

This haughty disdain calls to mind the late Adlai Stevenson. Yet, if Bloomberg runs, his electoral vote tally would likely make Adlai, by comparison, look like Richard Nixon on his 49-state romp in 1972.

Republicans should give Mayor Mike every encouragement to enter the race. For though he threatens to spend a billion dollars of his own money to buy the presidency, his name on the ballot as a third-party candidate could send the Democratic nominee straight down to Davy Jones’s locker.

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Political Editor at Bloomberg News Quits – Cites Inability to Properly Cover Michael Bloomberg, by Michael Krieger

From Michael Krieger at libertyblitzkrieg.com:

If there was ever an election year that exhibited an overwhelmingly less favorable climate for Michael Bloomberg to indulge his Presidential fantasies than 2016, I haven’t seen it.

The fact that the man is even considering a run tells you precisely how delusional and disconnected he is from the social mood, and the obvious reality that the American public is gravitating to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders precisely because they hate people like Michael Bloomberg. The fact that he sees himself as some sort of “Independent” would be amusing if it weren’t so sad, and demonstrates a remarkable lack of self-awaeness that is characteristic of American billionaires.

As an example of his politics, Bloomberg’s two biggest political passions seem to revolve around whoring for Wall Street and being aggressively pro gun control. So he’s essentially a less charismatic version of Hillary Clinton, which is no easy feat.

The reflections above aren’t rocket science, and would be exceedingly obvious to anyone with even the most juvenile sense of American politics. Unfortunately, you’re unlikely to read such observations from Bloomberg News. The reason is explained by Politico:

Bloomberg Politics’ Washington news director Kathy Kiely has quit the company over concerns that the news organization will not be able to fairly cover CEO Michael Bloomberg’s possible run for president, The Huffington Post reports.

“I think that Michael Bloomberg has built a terrific news organization but that he needs to liberate it to cover all the news, even the news about him” Kiely told POLITICO in an interview Wednesday. “Anybody who enters the political fray should be covered in the same way, with the same level of aggressiveness, and I did not feel that was happening in the case of Mayor Bloomberg.”

Bloomberg LP has a long-standing policy that restricts coverage of founder and CEO Michael Bloomberg. Following multiple media reports that Bloomberg was considering an independent run for president this year, Bloomberg News reporters based in Europe received an email from the company’s standards team telling them to refrain from speculation about Bloomberg’s possible presidential run, and to run future stories about the billionaire by them.

“Obviously The Washington Post covers Jeff Bezos. I don’t think it’s any different from any news organization that has an owner” Kiely said. “If you don’t write about the owner, and the owner’s running for president, then how do you cover politics?”

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