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It’s Funny ‘Cause it’s True, by Hardscrabble Farmer

The newest rage in memes is NPCs, or non-playable characters, to depict people incapable of independent political thought. It’s being directed at liberals. From Hardscrabble Farmer at theburningplatform.com:


Twitter accounts using fictional personas and a common avatar to promote the idea that liberals can’t think on their own.

The first encounter I ever had with the PC movement was back in the early 90’s. I was, at that time, a stand up comic headlining a comedy club in Madison, Wisconsin and during my set I was doing a bit about men and women arguing. In the middle of the my act a table of college girls began to hiss at me- actual hissing sounds like you’d see in some Little Rascals sketch when someone demonstrates disapproval of a performer.

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