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The Queen is Dead, But is the UK? By Tom Luongo

The late queen had at least one saving grace—she backed Brexit. From Tom Luongo at tomluongo.me:

I wrote a scathing piece on new UK Prime Minster Liz Truss the other day because I had to. Truss, I believe, is everything I said she is.  Sadly, she was also the best choice among the Tories to potentially carry Brexit to its real fruition.

Queen Elizabeth II finally gave up this mortal coil and say what you want about the British Crown and its perfidiousness throughout the centuries, Elizabeth was, I believe, something different.

I’m no royalist, or even a fan of the Brits at the geopolitical level.  I’ve spit enough fire and brimstone at them for their provincial attitudes towards all of their former colonies to level mountains.  The British aristocracy is as corrupt and enabling of the corrupt as any group of people in human history.

And many of the people they have enabled have no intention of giving up that power. Hence, the mess we see in Europe and the UK.

For all of the complaints I level at our own government being in the pay and service of foreign actors, I more than recognize the UK is dealing with the same problem.

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Here It Comes, by James Howard Kunstler

Count the unvaxxed as lucky indeed. They’re not eligible for the new round of bivalent boosters, which were never tested on humans. Only the vaxxed get to line up. From James Howard Kunstler at kunstler.com:

Labor Day is in the rearview mirror and the long, sickening slide into we-know-not-what (but it can’t-be-good) commences! Well, there are a few things we know, but only in the shaggy outlines because the folks who are supposed to inform us — the news media, the public health gang — like to keep the real action behind a scrim of unicorns cavorting through a rainbow-lit candyland. Of course, we are not all the idiots they want us to be.

Here’s one thing we sort of know: you-all vaxx-happy Wokesters are about to have a new BA-5 bivalent booster laid on you. The Darwin Award season has been extended at least another six months! You’ll be glad to hear it’s been tested in a trial involving eight lab mice, and quickly approved by our FDA. The bad news is that all eight mice got Covid. The worse news is that the booster was wildly inconsistent in producing antibodies among the eight identical mice, meaning the ultimate effect on their immune systems is a crap-shoot — but, hey, they’re only mice.

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