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Putin just changed EVERYTHING with this move and NATO can’t do anything

Scott Ritter explains Russian strategy in Ukraine and why Russia is winning.

The Kremlin Has Missed the Opportunity to End the Provocations of Russia that Are Bringing the World to Nuclear War, by Paul Craig Roberts

Should the Russians have been less tentative and less gentle in Ukraine? From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.org:

As I emphasized from the beginning, Russia’s intervention in Ukraine was far too little and far too late.  I have no doubt that the Kremlin will achieve its goal of cleansing the Donbass republics of the Western-supported Nazi Azov brigade and the Ukrainian army, but the Kremlin has pissed away the far more important opportunity to end all Western provocations of Russia.

If Russia had hit Ukraine with a devastating conventional all-inclusive attack, the war would have ended before it started.  No members of the puppet Ukrainian government would be alive.  There would be no communication and transportation capabilities in Ukraine except Russian military ones.  An awesome demonstration of what happens when you over-provoke a superior military power would have European countries scrambling to get out of NATO, not join as Finland and Sweden evidently are.  Instead of scaring off would-be provokers, the Kremlin’s ill-considered go-slow limited intervention has encouraged more encirclement of Russia and more aggression on the part of Washington, NATO members, and Ukraine.

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