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So many people recently ‘died suddenly’ – What’s going on? By Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

The alternative media knows what’s going on. The only question is when will the mainstream media acknowledge that Covid vaccines are behind sudden deaths. From Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., at americanthinker.com:

A new and increasingly popular Twitter hashtag is “#diedsuddenly” in response to a surge of sudden unexplained deaths among mostly young and healthy individuals, including athletes, occurring over the past 2 years. Here are but a few recent news stories.

In Australia, “Fit and healthy 21 year old son dies suddenly in his sleep.” From the University of Arizona, “A recent member of Arizona’s men’s swim team has unexpectedly passed away.” In Detroit, a high school basketball player suffered a cardiac arrest during a basketball game. While they restarted his heart, he hasn’t woken up.

Or this athlete in his early 20’s, “A former Florida Gators offensive lineman died suddenly on Thursday night according to multiple media reports.” From the US Army, “A soldier stationed at Fort Stewart died Tuesday while traveling to California for a training exercise.” Is this some type of black magic? Not likely, “America’s Got Talent magician suddenly dies at just 52.”

Let’s not forget Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin going into cardiac arrest after an unremarkable tackle during a January NFL game. These are anecdotes, and while compelling are not the same as collected data.

Several brave researchers recorded these “sudden” and “unexplained” deaths, as they are described in the media. Here is one report, “An investigation of official statistics has found that the number of athletes who have died since the beginning of 2021 has risen exponentially compared to the yearly number of deaths of athletes officially recorded between 1966 and 2004.”

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In memory of those who have “died suddenly” from February 1st to 7th, 2022, by Mark Crispin Miller

Sometimes you have to look up from the statistics and remember individual cases. From Mark Crispin Miller at markcrispinmiller.substack.com:

Once a euphemism for suicide or fatal overdose, “died suddenly” now means exactly what it says—and it’s more common than it’s ever been, worldwide

We now know, from the statistics, that all-cause mortality has been skyrocketing in countries with the highest COVID “vaccination” rates. Such numbers also tell us that more people all around the world have “died of COVID” than did (reportedly) in all of 2020. (396,837 Americans reportedly “died of COVID” under Trump, while 528,379 have so far “died of COVID” under Biden, whose term started with the US “vaccination” drive.) We also know, from the statistics, that children have been dying in greater numbers since they started getting “vaccinated”—as have professional (and non-professional) athletes the world over, and US military personnel.

Meanwhile, honest witnesses in medicine and the mortuary business, and also first responders, have been telling us they’ve seen a huge increase in sudden and untimely deaths, especially from heart attack, blood clot(s), stroke and cardiac arrest. British undertaker John O’Looney notes an increase of “500 to 600%” in deaths due to thrombosis. Such testimony adds dramatically to our general awareness that this “vaccination” drive is killing people in unprecedented numbers—and clearly by design, or else they would have halted it a year ago, when such grim numbers were already worryingly high.

Such statistics are invaluable; and yet, of course, they’re also too abstract to make us properly aware of the true toll that those “vaccines” are taking on humanity, and in the name of “saving lives.” This is why we need, as much as possible, to demonstrate that countless individuals are dying suddenly and, all too often, prematurely, every day. Only when enough of us have fully recognized this toll will it be possible for us to stop this second, incremental, scattered global Holocaust.
Here are those who have “died suddenly” or “unexpectedly” just this past week, either with no cause given (which is most unusual, even for the elderly), or from a heart attack, blood clot(s), stroke or cardiac arrest, or a very sudden and aggressive cancer (an “adverse event” whose increase has been noted by practitioners like Dr. Ryan Cole).

Bear in mind that most of these are deaths that made the news in one way or another, whereas the vast majority of such surprising deaths go unreported.

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