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Corrupt Comey conveniently claims no memory of parts of FBI’s Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ probe, by Greg Jarrett

James Comey has either caught Joe Biden’s disease and his memory is gone, or is was a totally incompetent FBI director, or he’s conveniently claiming loss of memory to avoid having to give answers that would put him in legal jeopardy. You know the right answer. From Greg Jarrett at foxnews.com:

His bout of amnesia and/or dementia is nothing but a cleverly contrived act to avoid taking responsibility for his malign acts

At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday on the FBI’s Trump-Russia “collusion” investigation and the bureau’s egregious abuse of the surveillance process under Comey’s reign, he claimed to know nothing about everything.

Like a broken record, Comey responded to questions with the same pat answers: “Not that I recall … I don’t know … I don’t remember … I never knew … that doesn’t ring a bell.”

If he were playing dodgeball, Comey would have won.

To hear Comey tell it, he was an empty suit at the helm of one of the most important investigations in modern American history, examining whether Donald Trump conspired with Russians to steal the 2016 election. We now know it was all a devious fiction. But that didn’t stop Comey’s FBI from targeting Trump with the damning lie.

Along the way, Comey himself signed off on a series of spy warrants involving the Trump campaign, relying on uncorroborated and inaccurate evidence presented to a secret federal court under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The judges on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court were deceived and the court was defrauded by up to 17 mistakes, misrepresentations, and glaring omissions that were later identified by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Horowitz’s report shows there were more than 50 omissions, and exculpatory evidence was deliberately withheld.

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