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How Can They Explain Any of This Data? By Steve Kirsch

There is no arguing with data from the UK that show the vaccinated are the ones still getting Covid. From Steve Kirsch at stevekirschsubstack.com:

Here’s the first example right now. I will be adding more and more examples over time.

I have over 50 pieces of data that is simply impossible to explain if the vaccines are safe and effective. I’ll be adding them to this article over time, so check back for the latest. I’ll post the most recent additions at the top to make this easy.

I’m starting with just one item right now which is the only item you need to know to stop the vaccine mandates. It is so important, I wanted to push it out now.

Why doctors say nothing

Because the medical boards threaten to take away their license if they say anything publicly or privately against the vaccine.

In California, doctors used to write exemptions for the vaccine and mask wearing. The medical boards got a list of those doctors and contacted them.

After that, no more exemptions got written.

To test this someone called up hundreds of physicians saying their child had a severe anaphylactic reaction after the first shot and nearly died and they wanted to see if the doctor would write an exemption for the child. They all said no.

UK government data shows the vaccines make things worse. We were misled.

This is data from an unimpeachable source: the UK government in its week 32 to 35 report for 2021. Look at the rates per 100,000 for doubly vaxxed vs. unvaccinated people for age ranges 40 to 80. Yup, you are more likely to be infected if you are vaccinated in each sub-range within 40 to 80. So there is no age confounding on this data. It’s simply impossible to explain. It shows why vaccine mandates are making you more susceptible to infection for people 40 to 80, not better.

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