They Said That? 9/8/15

From Raad Ahmed, a Iraqi political-science student leaving Iraq for Europe:

We are heading to Turkey. Then Greece, then Holland, then freedom. Don’t ask me why I’m leaving. Let me ask you in return—for what should I stay?

An excellent question. Why would anyone who could leave stay?

Another quote, from Salisu Sanusi, one of 800,000 people in a refugee camp in northern Nigeria:

Most of us who are aware of the migration trend across the world are still unsure on what exactly to do, but most of us would rather damn the consequences and make our way to Europe for better opportunities in life.

Both quotes are from The Wall Street Journal, “Migrant Wave Inspires More,” 9/8/15

How many of those 800,000 refugees think the same way? Patrick Buchanan was right (see “Islam’s Conquest of Europe“). The refugees Europe is receiving now are just the first of what will undoubtedly be endless waves fleeing northern Africa and Middle Eastern hell holes, most of which Europe and the US helped create.

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