Government is the Problem, by Jim Quinn

Some people have trouble connecting dots. Jim Quinn helps them with an article on rising costs and rising government involvement and incompetence in the fields of medical care and financing higher education. From Quinn at

Here are two charts that show how successful, government solutions are for the citizens of this country. First off, even according to the manipulated and under-reported CPI figures, you have lost 65% of your purchasing power since 1978. Using a real measure of inflation, its closer to 85%, but why quibble. You are slowly but surely being impoverished by the Federal Reserve (aka Wall Street bankers) and the corrupt politicians you elected to represent your interests.

Doug Short presents the cost of college tuition, medical care and new cars over the last 38 years. One of these things is not like the other. The second chart shows the growth in Federal loans to students since 1995. You may notice that prior to the Federal government getting involved in college education, college tuition rose steeper than overall inflation but only by a moderate amount. My tuition at Drexel University in the mid-1980s was in the mid $5,000 range. I was able to work and pay the majority of my tuition, with only a couple thousand dollars in loans.

If you are perceptive (that leaves out all libs and government employees) you will notice that as the Federal government has doled out more loans, the cost of college tuition has skyrocketed. You see, just like welfare, you get more of what you subsidize. If the federal government is willing to give your tax dollars to every Tom, Muhammed, or Laquesha to go to college, demand will rise. Since the supply is limited, colleges can raise prices dramatically as they know the Feds are supplying the paper.
The truth is that more than 50% of the dolts matriculating into college using government debt are intellectually incapable of college level studies. If the Federal government kept their hands out of higher education and stopped loaning money they don’t have to idiots who can’t add, subtract, or multiply, the fly by night for profit diploma mills would collapse overnight. Without an endless stream of government debt, only kids who really wanted and were capable of getting a college education, would enroll. Tuition costs would plummet as the demand dried up and institutions had to compete on price.

Medical care costs have risen at more than twice the level of general inflation over the last 38 years. Again, the Federal government is the cause. The Great Society Medicare and Medicaid programs are a major factor. The massive level of government regulations, bureaucracy, and corruption does not allow a free market in medical care. Obamacare is a national clusterfuck or rules, regulations, fines, and incentives to drive up costs. The government colludes with mega-insurance companies to destroy any competition based on prices. Prior to 1964 sick people dealt directly with doctors and hospitals. Inserting the government and insurance companies between patients and doctors has destroyed free market competition and driven prices higher.

The proof that industries without major Federal government intervention keep prices low is seen in the new car data since 1978. The cost of a new car has risen at about one-third the rate of overall inflation and far lower than medical care or college tuition. Despite the GM and Chrysler bailouts by the Feds, there has been cut throat competition between automakers from around the world. They must compete on quality and price. Americans have a multitude of choices when buying a new car. They also have a choice to buy a used car. This truly free market keeps prices down.

Despite the fact that competition keeps prices low, the socialists think they can run education, health care, and the entire economy better than the free market. That’s why we’re $20 trillion in debt, with $200 trillion of unfunded liabilities. And the solution is to elect Crooked Hillary? WTF???

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