Dear Mr. President, by Norman Franklin

Norman Franklin encourages President Trump to stay the course. From Franklin, on a guest post at

Dear President Trump:

In business one never hears about the ten things you do right, only the one you do wrong. Well I would like to talk about all the things you are doing right, before I talk about the one thing you are doing wrong. First, congratulations, a lesser man in your position at your age would have said, “screw this who needs it?” All the spittle and phlegm directed at you from the cacophony of idiots that make up the chattering class was like nothing in recent American history. This was the first hint to most of us nearly two years ago that you were on the right track.

Many of us knew from the start of this that you had a real shot, as long as you never scraped and groveled like those flaming losers Willard Romney and wet start Johnny McCain. You had faith in us, the voiceless, and we had faith in you. Even if you were to go down to the foul queen of corruption, one thing was certain, you would go down fighting. This was the first time in many of our lifetimes’ we had seen this. It was spectacular to behold as the arrogant snot-nosed fake media lost their collective minds.

Mr. President, a grateful nation owes you a debt of gratitude. You have placed yourself, your family, and your sacred fortune in grave danger. In so doing you have exposed the cheating, lies, fraud, and abuse of the last thirty years. If there is still a majority of Americans with a single functioning brain cell, we the people should never have to suffer junior Bush, Willie, Barry, or any of their corrupt family members anytime in the next twenty or so years.

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